Services: Loan agent / registered agent

Loan agent

Restricted bank lending in recent years has led to a more diverse range of financing and funding solutions for investors and borrowers alike. As investors increasingly deploy capital into direct lending, the need arises for an independent agent and trustee who will represent their interests and ensure the effective control and management of the loan.

We act as:

  • Facility Agent/Loan Agent

Opening of accounts, interest calculations and general loan administration

  • Security Trustee/Security Agent

Assisting with the protection and holding of security on behalf of lenders and enforcement in an event of default. Our loan agency services are an important solution in respect of syndicated/leveraged loans whether as whole loans or as a specific debt class.

Registered agent

A number of jurisdictions require companies to have a registered agent instead of a company secretary. The registered agent normally provides the registered office address and assumes responsibility for liaising with the local Companies Registry. They must also receive all legal and tax papers and any notices addressed to the company.