Leisure services

FNTC - part of First Names Group - is the market leader in designing flexible legal structures for fractional ownership, private residence or destination clubs, timeshare resorts and clubs, condo hotels and mixed-use developments.

It administers in excess of £2.5bn worth of property assets, designs bespoke structures for more than 300 resort developments worldwide and provides services to over 650,000 consumers.

FNTC also offers a servicing portfolio of financial, administration, system integration and software services, and B2B and B2C applications.

An innovative approach combined with years of experience enables FNTC to deliver tailored solutions that are both manageable and cost effective. Clients also benefit from its global network and a senior management team that takes a '€˜hands on'€™ approach to meet their exact needs.

FNTC has a wealth of experience in all the main jurisdictions across the world and enjoys significant success in Europe, the United States, Central America and the Caribbean.