Operating in a global market, the UK provides a centre of excellence for investment, fund management and all forms of professional advice associated with legal and taxation issues. It is a stable and respected environment for all forms of trust structure. The UK is also at the forefront of championing a free market for financial services within the European Union and London.

The City of London owes much of its continuing appeal to its cosmopolitan status, the liquidity of its markets and the regulatory and political framework that supports them. Certain factors are unique to London - its history as a dominant world trading country cannot be rivalled and its central position between American and Asian time zones is seen as an important advantage over other financial centres.

In January 2012, there were approximately 1,400 companies listed on the London Main Market with a total market capitalisation of around £3,800 billion; there were more than 1,100 companies quoted on AIM with a market capitalisation of around £62 billion.

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