The benefits of structuring commercial real estate through the CI

22 June 2016

Channel Islands financing and holding structures are experiencing something of a resurgence, providing real and tangible benefits when acquiring and holding commercial property in the UK and Europe. As a result, commercial real estate investors and managers are increasingly turning to Channel Islands corporate vehicles to structure investment in infrastructure and property.

Yesterday evening, First Names Group and Druces LLP teamed up in London to deliver a seminar on this topic, which covered:

  • Advantages of different investment vehicles in the Channel Islands
  • Available structuring options, whether you’re investing individually or as part of a joint venture, syndicate or fund
  • Regulatory aspects of marketing a Jersey or Guernsey fund in the UK and the transactional aspects of acquiring and disposing of UK property via such funds

Attendees heard from representatives of our expert real estate and funds teams, Paula Thompson and Andrew Maiden, as well as Druces LLP’s Anthony Cotton and Suzanne Middleton Lindsley. Further, guest speaker Kersten Muller from Grant Thornton delivered an overview of the UK tax position of using the Channel Islands in structuring commercial real estate holdings.

The event was a great success with an impressive turnout and exceptionally positive feedback. If you missed the seminar but would like to find out more about structuring commercial real estate through the Channel Islands, please get in touch with Paula or Andrew.

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