Getting to know our Chief Commercial Officer

9 February 2017

In recent months we've begun asking members of our Management Committee 20 all-important questions to help you get to know each person a little better. First up was CEO Mark Pesco, followed by CRO David Wild and then CFO Eric Fady. Now it is the turn of our Chief Commercial Officer, Kevin O'Connell. Kevin holds responsibility for driving the Group's organic growth strategy and for overseeing our business development and marketing functions.

Tea or coffee?
Weak tea – about four gallons per day!

Favourite TV programme?
Currently it is Suits. Great plot and plenty of subtle humour.

Fondest childhood memory?
Hanging out with friends on the beach all summer long (and yes I am sure the sun did actually shine sometimes in Ireland back then!).

Favourite holiday destination?
I love to holiday in the US because of its sheer variety of scenery and different landscapes.

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?
Fainting during a lecture at university… Some people thought my number was up and called the paramedics. When I awoke it was like a scene from ER!

Last meal on death row?
A chicken katsu curry and three pints of Heineken.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs – I have a five-year-old labradoodle called Olly.

First job?
Working in a betting office.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A pilot.

Your best qualities?
I like to think that when I say I will do something, I will actually do it. I don’t like letting other people down.

Any bad habits?
When I’m nervous I tap my right foot up and down!

Who do you admire?
Malala Yousafzai – a truly inspirational young lady.

What drives you nuts?
Lots of talk and no action.

Best bit of business advice you’ve received?
Don’t take on too much. Maintain clear focus to do and deliver what you have agreed to take on. Don’t lose perspective. Work and fun are not mutually exclusive.

Dream job?
I’m already doing it!

Worst job you’ve ever had?
A summer at Wimpy (a burger chain) in Piccadilly in London where I literally just flipped burgers for eight hours a day.

Buzzword you hate the most?
“Thanks for reaching out.” Reaching out should be left to the Four Tops. The other one is “deep dive”… Enough said!

Sports fan?
Hurling is my favourite sport, followed by Gaelic football.

City or country?
Country with a dash of urban excitement every so often.

Any hobbies?
I love getting out and about in Jersey (where I live). Walking, running, and I’ve bought a bike which I plan to start using soon!