Getting to know our Chief HR Officer

8 March 2017

Over the past few months we’ve been asking members of our Group Management Committee 20 all-important questions to help you get to know each of our most senior leaders a little better. So far we’ve heard from Mark Pesco, David Wild, Eric Fady and Kevin O’Connell. With today being International Women’s Day, now seems like a perfect time to shine our spotlight on one of our leading ladies! Our Chief HR Officer, Teresa Lamy.

Tea or coffee?
Definitely tea – and all kinds apart from the red berry ones. My favourite is fresh mint tea after an evening meal.

Favourite TV programme?
I like lots of things, especially a good murder mystery like Silent Witness or New Tricks, which is just as well as they are constantly repeated on Sky. I also like recent dramas like The Fall and The Missing. Anything that is pure entertainment; I’m not great on sport on TV or documentaries.

Fondest childhood memory?
Messing about on, in or around the water. I love anything related to the sea; as a child I practically lived on the beach. Well, actually, we lived about 10 feet away from it so perhaps that’s why I spent so much time there!

Favourite holiday destination?
I love France, particularly the Dordogne. The scenery is lovely and the food even better.

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?
I was in the gym on a rowing machine. My t-shirt got caught in the machine and I couldn’t get off of it. A one-legged man with a false leg came to my rescue but because of his leg he had to lie down next to me to untangle my t-shirt, by which time everyone else in the gym had stopped working out to watch!

Last meal on death row?
That’s difficult to answer because I love food and my favourites depend how I’m feeling. I guess if I was on death row I wouldn’t be feeling too bright so probably comfort food, like pork sausages and mash with apple sauce. My mum is the only person I know who made apple sauce with sausages. They’re perfect together.

Cats or dogs?
Neither; I’m scared of dogs, though put a brave face on it. I saw my brother get badly bitten when I was a child and I’ve never forgotten it. Cats make me sneeze and always make a beeline for me!

First job?
A Saturday job on the chemist counter at Boots. It was always super busy and loads of fun. People ask for the craziest things and show you bits of their bodies with weird rashes etc. That shouldn’t be allowed, especially to a teenager who, like most teenagers, thought most things were gross.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A nurse, which I went on to be. Funny thing was, having trained I then decided I didn’t really like sick people, which was a bit tricky really.

Your best qualities?
I like to think I have a good sense of humour, I’m pretty easy going, and I’m usually up for having a go at new things.

Any bad habits?
Probably lots and I’m sure my husband could make a list… but I can’t think of any :)

Who do you admire?
Lots of people; generally folk who make good choices in life, retire early and follow a dream. Also people who deal with huge adversity and yet still push on, often with a very positive outlook on life.

What drives you nuts?
Hotel rooms that are over-designed and don’t work.

Best bit of business advice you’ve received?
“Never say never”, which was good advice not just in business but in life.

Dream job?
That’s really difficult to answer, but I guess working for myself creating something. The trouble is, I've never had the courage to work for myself and I don’t know what I’d create.

Worst job you’ve ever had?
I’ve never had a job I hated, just some I liked more than others. Interestingly a boring job can be fine when you work with really good people and an intellectually stimulating job can be dreadful if the people you work with aren’t great.

Buzzword you hate the most?
All of them. Plain English works for me!

City or country?
Definitely the country; the city is fun for a few days but I like peace and quiet and lots of space. I like to be near the sea and always find myself looking for it when I’m away travelling.

Any hobbies?
I tend to switch and change. My latest hobby is yoga; it’s amazing how flexible the body can be with practice. It also gives me a great sense of well-being.