Getting to know our Head of Global Fund Services

1 December 2017

This year we’ve been asking members of our Group Management Committee 20 all-important questions to help you get to know each of our most senior leaders a little better. So far we’ve heard from Mark Pesco, David Wild, Eric FadyKevin O’Connell and Teresa Lamy and now it is the turn of our Head of Global Fund Services, Jon Trigg.

Tea or coffee?

Both. I always tend to start the day with a cup of tea before I leave home in the morning, but then tend to drink too many coffees once in the office!

Favourite TV programme?

Gogglebox – brilliant end-of-the-week TV!

Fondest childhood memory?

I remember spending long hot summer days in Jersey down at St Ouen’s beach as a kid, surfing or skateboarding then cycling home, board under my arm, and having family BBQs.

Favourite holiday destination?

Haute Nendaz, a Swiss ski resort in the Four Valleys.

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

There are too many as I am incredibly clumsy. I always trip and stumble on cobbles in town, much to the amusement of the general public!

Last meal on death row?

I would hope I would be offered the benefit of a seafood platter and a bottle of cold dry white wine.

Cats or dogs?

Easy – dogs. We have two Labradors: Merlin (black) and Oscar (yellow). Unfortunately they are now getting old and although the walks are becoming shorter they are definitely taking a lot longer!

First job?

Among a number of holiday and Saturday jobs I worked in M&S (previously Maison Le Riche) packing shelves. I was also a very poor pizza delivery driver. This was not only because of my awful driving skills but also because there were no sat navs or mobile phones at this time… You had to rely on a little book of maps known as a Perry’s Guide.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy.

Your best qualities?

My honesty.

Any bad habits?

Sometimes I can be too honest and I can be obsessive!

Who do you admire?

Jonny Wilkinson. The 2003 World Cup-winning fly-half changed the entire game of rugby, not just through what he did on the field but by how meticulously he prepared off it. An incredibly selfless and humble team player. In his final game for Toulon, Wilkinson's teammates wore a special jersey with “Merci Jonny” stitched on the collar. Online tributes reflect the impact he had as an individual on players and fans alike

What drives you nuts?

Lateness – especially to meetings.

Best bit of business advice you’ve received?

Work hard but be patient.

Dream job?

Hands-on property developer.

Worst job you’ve ever had?

I have been incredibly fortunate to never have had a job I did not enjoy.

Buzzword you hate the most?


Sports fan?

Yes but I do not have Sky TV so I am forever listening to Radio 5 Live or Talksport.

City or country?

Definitely the country. There is nothing better than long dog walks in open countryside followed by a drink in a local pub in front of an open fire.

Any hobbies?

I love Jersey and all that it offers, especially in the summer; in the winter there is nothing better than a ski trip with friends and family.