Take the ‘First Names Group Pledge’ in aid of Jersey off-road safety

18 May 2017

Tuesday 16 May marked the launch of the Jersey Road Safety ‘Shared Spaces’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness and improve safety within shared off-road areas across the island – with support from First Names Group.

Led by Jersey’s Road Safety Panel, the initiative is in response to rising concerns about issues using the shared paths along the Esplanade, Victoria Avenue Promenade and Railway Walk. The campaign has been fronted by local resident Fran Rayner, who was involved in a life-changing accident with a cyclist while out jogging.

First Names Group is backing Fran and the rest of the campaign through a ‘pledge’ that everyone, however they travel, can take to say that they will make a real effort to use the pathways safely and think of others around them. For the first 1000 pledges made, we’ll be donating £1 per pledge (i.e. £1000 total) to Headway Jersey, a local charity that provides essential support, information and services to people affected by brain injury, including cyclists who have been injured in road accidents.

At the campaign launch event, which took place at a local shared space, the island’s Crime Reduction Officer and police cyclists offered free security markings and handed out pledge cards and information leaflets to attendees and passers-by. Representatives from Headway were also present to demonstrate with the aid of their sensory ‘toolkit’ the effects of brain injury, and Tim Parker-Garner from our Jersey office (who happens to be the Chairman of the Road Safety Panel) popped down to the event to meet and greet on behalf of the business and help encourage people to look out for each other and take our free pledge.

So whether you’re a walker, jogger, dog walker, cyclist or skateboarder in Jersey, it is time for you to take the First Names Group Pledge! Get involved to make a real difference in the community and make Jersey a safer place to travel.

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