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Anand Bhugra is the Client Services Director, Accounting, of Corporate and Institutional Services for First Names Group based in the Netherlands.

At heart, Anand is a proactive entrepreneur who considers the structures and framework of accounting practices his tools. A talented multi-tasker he is always on the move – meeting clients and motivating his team with an irrepressible optimism and engaging manner. Anand manages deadlines and maintains networks with aplomb – making him the primary contact in challenging situations.

Keep it simple if you want to make it happen.

A qualified chartered accountant with over seventeen years’ multi-national experience, Anand is a valuable member of the accounting team. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Calcutta University in India he went on to become a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Accountants. As his career blossomed he worked abroad in the Bahamas and the Middle East before settling in the Netherlands. Anand is also a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants in the United Kingdom.

With a creative approach not frequently seen in the accounting profession, Anand takes a personal interest in solving clients’ problems. His perspective reaches beyond his immediate responsibilities, consequently, he can always be relied on to make a positive contribution to the organisation as a whole. Brimming with energy himself, he relates strongly with Oonagh Hayes who displays a vibrancy to match his own. 


For a man with Anand’s international outlook and ‘mover and shaker’ nature it is no surprise that New York is his favourite city. No stranger to cultural diversity, he loves the image of Wall Street blending with the serene open spaces of Central Park. A dedicated family man, Anand shares his thoughts and plans with his family and credits their support for much of what he has achieved.