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The first name in Accuracy

André Klein is a Senior Accountant for First Names Group in Geneva.

Being good with numbers is a basic requirement for any accountant but André isn’t just an ordinary accountant. He has a passion for all things numerical - in fact, he is a self-confessed ‘numbers geek’. He was drawn to a career in the finance industry where, as might be expected, he has shown his extremely exacting ability to be reliable and accurate. André joined the Group in 2004 and is responsible for producing financial statements and the analysis of all data.

A good decision is based on knowledge and numbers.

Born in Geneva, André moved to France with his parents when he was young. Having left school to pursue a career in accounting, he joined the trust industry in 1996. André has worked with gusto and great success in both France and Switzerland and brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and commitment to the business.

The fostering of long-term working relationships is an important part of the culture at First Names Group and André believes that a happy client stems from a positive and competent working environment. He has had a long and fruitful professional relationship with Serge Richard, whom he values both as a work colleague and a friend.


A happy family is important to André, whose proudest moments were the births of his three daughters in the space of 21 months. He finds huge enjoyment in all sports and has a very competitive streak himself – in 2006 he was regional squash champion. Also content to see others succeed, he would love to watch France lift the Rugby World Cup trophy.