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The first name in putting things in order

Andrej Grossmann is Head of Corporate Services, Luxembourg for First Names Group.

With truly international flair Andrej has worked, studied and lived in the most important financial jurisdictions worldwide. Comfortable with the classics (he read both Latin and Ancient Greek) he is very much the modern professional gentleman. His 15 years’ experience in accounting services stands him in excellent stead when dealing with client challenges, especially when they involve fiduciary services or funds. As well as corporate administration matters, Andrej also sits on the board of a number of client companies, including real estate vehicles.

First things first.

Internationally educated with distinction, Andrej first graduated from the Clarkson University in the USA with a BSc in accounting. Returning home to Berlin, he added a degree in commerce and an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) to his impressive resume. Licensed to practise on both sides of the pond, Andrej is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the United States and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in Europe.

With his pragmatic approach and dry sense of humour Andrej contributes positively to any environment. He views life as a package deal – taking the rough with the smooth whilst always keeping a positive outlook. Perfection is an ambition to be strived for, but seldom realised.


Seven years spent working in the Cayman Islands was not quite ‘living the dream’ his friends and family back in Germany expected. Arriving shortly after Hurricane Ivan devastated the island, Andrej gained a sobering sense of perspective. Things took a dramatic turn for the better when he met his future wife. Now living in Luxembourg with two young children Andrej spends intimate family weekends at home mastering cooking – with seared tuna a particular specialty.