Our first names


The first name in looking after others

Barbara Slicer is the Facilities Manager for First Names Group in Jersey. Barbara has a wide range of diverse responsibilities, including both day-to-day operations and strategic planning. Health and safety, business continuity, the integration of new teams and managing the move to a bigger building keep her on her toes. She plans, coordinates and checks everything to make sure that her colleagues have the perfect working environment. In her sharing and caring manner, she boosts everyone’s wellbeing.

Please always ask for help, I will always make the time for you.

During the last four decades Barbara has willingly mastered all the tricks of the operational trade. She spent over 32 years at a top merchant bank working in a number of different departments, including IT administration and facilities. Barbara has always thrived on her ability to look after other people, showing real loyalty and commitment. Because she is so busy some people may choose not to bother her, but the old adage ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it’ rings true. Anyone who knows her would agree that being ‘happy to help’ is her trademark.

Up for the challenge of finding workable solutions to fit with Antony Perez’s budget, Barbara uses creativity to match his skill with figures.


Now that Barbara’s two sons are adults she has outsourced her domestic zoo to Durrell Wildlife Park and her home is no longer shared with mice, snakes or geckos. But the tropical fish and her active border collie Riley remain. She enjoys walking along the quiet country lanes in St Martin and paddling in the sea, often having to retrieve a ball that floats beyond Riley’s reach.