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The first name in commitment

Caroline O’ Sullivan is a Client Services Director in Corporate Services for First Names Group in Ireland. She is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and financial management of client companies.

Caroline joined the Group in 1998 and started her career as an Administrator. Performance of the highest order and a compelling willingness to develop has led to ongoing promotion. Good attention to detail means she has easily mastered the skill of providing her clients with the best possible service in a professional and timely manner.


Life is full of opportunities, you just have to seize them

With a diploma in Business Administration and strong people skills, Caroline has found a natural fit in the company dealing directly with clients. Motivated to keeping them happy and fortunate enough to work in a supportive organisation she juggles full time work and study. Her colleagues never stop encouraging her and were almost as pleased as she was when she qualified as a Certified Public Accountant

Good-humoured and positive, Caroline doesn’t take herself or life too seriously. Her childhood ambition was to be a teacher, as she knew that she was passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge. She values everyone inclusively, acknowledging that the best part of her job is working with great people who share a dedicated approach to client service. She works closely with Maeve O’Malley who is a fantastic addition with her balanced approach to hard work and fun.


Relaxed and casual weekends shared with her husband and young son are moments that Caroline cherishes. She delights in taking her bundle of joy to the park or to feed the ducks. Her easy going nature and positive attitude shine through as she tries to hold on to her inner peace whilst at the same time keeping an eye on her child as he climbs things that he really shouldn’t!