Our first names


The first name in operational efficiency

Chris Tushingham is Operations Director for First Names Group in the Isle of Man.

Every business is the sum of its parts. And at First Names, Chris makes sure those parts work together. His vision is to promote understanding and mutual appreciation across all the different operational departments, and he knows effective communication is key.

Fully embrace the now, no matter what the situation.

A graduate with an Economics Degree from the University of Cardiff, Chris went on to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. He is also a Member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners, and has worked extensively in the Channel Islands as a specialist in offshore financial services. In December 2012, Chris returned home to the Isle of Man from Jersey (where he worked for a major international bank).

Looking ahead, Chris finds the company'€™s focus on growth very stimulating and is keen to apply his ideas and experience to the inevitable challenges.

In a fast-moving business environment, the ability to assess and react quickly to situations is vital. Chris believes its nimble nature is the Group's greatest strength, and he knows he has a tremendous opportunity to make a positive difference. 


Always on target, Chris hit the headlines in the Bahamas when his three-dart 160 finish led his team to victory in the Bahamian Darts League. These days he'€™s much more relaxed and enjoys watching almost any sport on TV. That said, top of his wish list is a long drive across the States in a Winnebago with his American wife Andrea.