Our first names


The first name in calm energy

Claire Kelly is a Senior Manager for First Names Group in Jersey. She conducts herself in a way that is highly professional and creates a great first impression. Claire is the backbone of the team and keeps everyone else functioning as efficiently as possible. Although she is ‘calm, cool and collected’ she also has a contagious cheeriness, which makes her great fun to be around.

It is nice to be nice.

Resourceful and reliable, Claire finished school and travelled to Egypt, Greece, Switzerland and America as an au pair for a number of years. On her return to Jersey, she joined the Group in 1998 as a temporary receptionist and spread her warm positive outlook to everyone she met. Her potential was recognised and she was offered a full-time administrative position where her unflustered energy would shine. Sixteen years later, Claire manages a team of administrators and has her own portfolio of clients.

Claire thrives on the challenge of meeting deadlines and loves working in a team environment. Her team all pull together and are really enthusiastic and supportive of each other. Her flexible management style means that she has a great way with people, but Claire also has a steely determination and high expectations. Someone she particularly enjoys working with is Sarah Pritchard, who has has been a great asset to the team as she has willingly shared her e-commerce knowledge.


Claire is one of those people who packs a lot into making the best use of her spare time. 64,000 words into her first novel, she also reads avidly and her favourite book of all time is ‘The Count of Monte Christo.’ Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm for life are infectious, whether it’s in her excitement that her oldest son has joined First Names Group or feeding her younger son’s soccer team oranges at half time.