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The first name in client care

Craig Brown is Managing Director for First Names Group in the Isle of Man.

Promoted from Client Services Director, Craig always follows a very simple philosophy – treat the client's assets with the same care and attention as if they were your own! Craig now heads up multiple client service teams and still delights in finding a practical answer that fits each situation. With a firm focus on key objectives such as asset protection and managing risk, he takes the time gain a full understanding of all components to ensure that his clients are always given the very best possible advice.

A problem is just a solution waiting to happen.

Graduating from Cambridge University in 1991 with a Masters in Engineering, Craig added accounting and tax qualifications whilst working at a 'Big Four'€™ accounting firm. His natural curiosity led him into a role in industry, where he spent the next fifteen years as head of tax in various sectors. He loves nothing more than helping companies to grow their business.

Craig combines the practicality of an engineer with the financial focus of a Chartered Accountant to produce a constant stream of ideas and strategies relevant to the diversity of his clients. A pragmatic optimist who is fond of observing '€˜it is what it is'€™, Craig never looks back at what might have been, but forward to make the best of what is.


Given Craig's aptitude and intellect, it'€™s no surprise that his boyhood ambition was to join the NASA Space Program. Still top on his bucket list is to travel into space. His curiosity has not dulled with time either -€“ he would love the opportunity to quiz space pioneers like Chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong. However, when all is said and done - there is nothing to beat a long walk in the countryside back home in the Isle of Man with his wife and their rescue dog, Stitch.