Our first names


The first name in leading by example

David Preston is Managing Director for First Names Group in Guernsey. Adept at developing new client relationships, David takes a genuine interest in the world around him.

He is always looking for ways to help clients and colleagues alike, showing commitment and drive over many years in the finance industry. Given that he is devoted to the business he may be demanding at times, but his professional approach has earned him loyalty and an impressive track record.

The more creativity you use, the more you have

A career in art beckoned, but having been persuaded by his father to follow in his footsteps, David did a BSc degree in economics at the London School of Economics. He then spent a number of years at a top accountancy firm in London where he qualified as a chartered accountant whilst working in the tax department. This early experience set the tone for how a professional services business should be run and he is very keen to maintain the high standards and do the right job.

As a result of his confidence and easy going charm, most people feel comfortable with David, but it is his kindness and generosity that cements long-term rapport. Being optimistic about the positive environment created by the people he works with, David is determined to maintain this superb working atmosphere. He often compares notes with Clive Damsell because of his extensive knowledge and UK tax expertise, and appreciates Jeremy Mahoney’s teamwork and people management skills. He looks forward to many brainstorming opportunities with commercially minded Kevin O’Connell.


David lives life at full throttle. He has a passion for fast cars, enjoys life and makes the most of it. He just needs more hours in the day. A keen cyclist, he has traversed the whole length of Great Britain from Land’s End to John O ’Groats. Even the time David spends with his young family is active – they surf and swim in the sea off the Guernsey coast.