Our first names


The first name in crossing the finish line

Dawn Yates is a Manager in the Trust and Corporate Services Department for First Names Group in the Isle of Man. Her irrepressible ‘seize the day’ philosophy is what got Dawn where she is today. At the tender age of 18 she moved with her family from Salford to the Isle of Man. Starting as an administrator in 2004, she is now a manager and has fine-tuned her organisational skills as she has worked her way up through the ranks. Dawn heads a team of five First Names responsible for setting up and managing companies and trusts, including accounting and legal services.

Today is your chance to make a change,
a difference and an impression.

An indomitable spirit and eagerness to learn reflect in the service Dawn provides to her clients. Always willing to help she makes sure that no problem remains unsolved. Currently studying towards a STEP qualification she believes in hard work and dedication on the road to success. It’s a fitting attitude for a keen runner like Dawn, who still plans to run both the London and New York marathons.

Dawn’s journey has given her a true understanding of the workings of the business at all levels and undoubtedly an edge in terms of people management. She speaks highly of her team and the varied personalities who all bring their own strengths to the job. Helpful and fun, Andrew Graham is very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive and Kirstin McDougall has a great sense of humour.


Dawn is an early bird who relishes time spent with her family and friends at the weekend. Active and energetic she loves to run- and run she does. With two very successful marathons already completed and more to come it’s no surprise that Dawn’s favourite place in the world is the open road. Her bucket list centres around her love of sport – particularly getting to see the Olympics live.