Our first names


The first name in driving growth

Declan Kenny is a Non-Executive Director on the First Names Group Board, as well as Executive Chairman of FNTC, a First Names Group company.

His infectious enthusiasm, Celtic passion and unconventional leadership style make him a real character to do business with. A natural storyteller and creative force, Declan inspires leadership across the Group to deliver the independence of thought that is the hallmark of First Names Group.

"Be prepared!"€ is Declan'€™s motto, which he knows is fundamental to achieving long-term company growth. In fact, being ready for change and dealing well with ambiguity are the characteristics he admires most in the many talented individuals who have joined him on his journey with the business.

If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

A Certified Accountant, Chartered Secretary and Member of the Institute of Bankers, Declan has spent his entire career within the financial services sector. Starting out as an Assistant Accountant with the business back in 1989, his effort and dynamism propelled him through the ranks to an Executive Director of IFG Group plc from 2004 and CEO of the International Division.

In 2012, Declan laid the foundations for his vision of the future when he spearheaded the buyout of the IFG International Division business - and First Names Group was born.

Setting high standards for himself and his team is part of Declan's DNA. He is truly energised by the challenges of growing an international business in a sector facing unprecedented pressure. Declan is also a firm believer that with change comes opportunity - and he is always determined to make the most of it.


Despite his punishing schedule, Declan is very much a family man. He loves waking up every morning to face the promise of a new day, and travelling with his wife and two children is a favourite pastime. He rarely visits the same place twice -€“ a possible exception being the Big Sur, where the spectacular Santa Lucia Mountains rise abruptly from the Pacific Ocean.