Our first names


The first name in corporate governance

Elaine Higgins is Group Company Secretary for First Names Group, and a key member of the Board.

Elaine joined the business back in 1991 and is one of the Group's longest standing and most experienced 'First Names'. Having previously also held the title of Group Risk Director, she has since channelled her efforts towards her Company Secretariat role – reporting directly to the Group CEO and focusing on her work with the Group Board and our private equity investment partner.

When I go to work these days, I go with such a spring in my step.

Elaine is full of energy. She thrives on variety and loves to meet new challenges head on. Back in 2005, she was responsible for setting up and running the Spanish office; and before that, she also held the role of Director of Trust and Corporate Services.

Elaine loves her work and the people she works with. She particularly appreciates Declan's funny side and says he'€™s one of the most creative people she knows.

Making a difference is really important to Elaine, and knowing that her work has a positive impact on the business. She loves learning something new every day -€“ and she never, ever gives up. She recently completed her Certificate in Risk Management, to add to a chartered accountancy qualification and a degree in Management Sciences from Manchester University.


Elaine also has a skilful not-so-hidden talent for designing and making costumes. Having retired from the stage some time ago, she turned her hand to the more material side of things and still enjoys being part of the drama scene. Over the years, she'€™s produced hundreds of theatrical masterpieces all from her sewing room at home.