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The first name in creating possibilities

Frederique Meyer is a Director for First Names Group in Switzerland.

Freddy, as she is widely known, has a real zest for life. With an attitude as refreshing as it is pragmatic, she brings extensive experience in corporate and trust structuring to the Group.

Attitude is everything - you can change your life in a heartbeat.

Originally from Korea, Freddy came to Switzerland as a young girl. Her family later emigrated to Australia where she attended the University of Queensland. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Law (LLB) degree before returning to Switzerland in 1995. Freddy is now an active member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and holds a diploma in International Trust Management.

Freddy doesn'€™t wait for opportunity to come knocking: she creates it. She loves the challenge of leadership and places great emphasis on clear communication. The sheer variety of requests from clients is also what makes her work so rewarding -€“ and she always makes sure they get a positive result. She particularly enjoys working with Andrea Ehrbar, admiring her kindness and ability to make clients feel cherished.


Freddy seeks the feel-good factor in everything she does; unsurprisingly her favourite pop group is ABBA. A voracious reader - her Kindle groans under the strain of her reading list - she loves to settle down with a good book, preferably on a sandy beach. Fraser Island, a UNESCO Heritage site off the coast of Australia, would be her perfect spot.