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The first name in longstanding relationships

Irene Morrison is a Client Services Director for First Names Group in the Isle of Man.

Two items dominate the top of Irene’s daily agenda – a challenge and its potential solution. She never backs down, no matter how daunting the task or ambiguous the objective. If she starts, you can be guaranteed a successful conclusion.  New business development, especially in the real estate sector, is Irene’s primary responsibility.  She has a wealth of experience with structures for holding commercial and industrial property for development or investment purposes.

The key to success is always being up for a challenge

Irene followed a slightly circuitous route into financial services. A schoolgirl chemistry prodigy, she attended the University of Southampton where she graduated with a BSc in Botany and Biochemistry. A career in medicine did not play sufficiently to her love of chemistry and so she found herself doing international tax planning with a Big Four accounting firm. A STEP qualification gave her industry specific knowledge which she has used to great effect.

Irene perfectly understands the mathematical paradox that sometimes 1+1=3. Each personality brings something unique to the table and the trick is in making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. She thinks Kyle Caine is a great example of this. He is innovative and motivated – and extremely able at motivating others. Jo Glassey is great fun and excellent at prioritising work.


Away from the office Irene loves to spend time in the garden, play golf or go for a swim. A meal out with friends is a great way to wind down, although if she could choose a dinner guest it would be Bill Clinton – whose stories she feels sure would keep her entertained long into the night.