Our first names


The first name in old fashioned values

Ideally suited to her role as Senior Manager, Trust in Jersey, Janice Callander firmly focuses on client relationships with particular responsibility for integrating new and existing structures into the Group. Janice’s natural respect for privacy, confidentiality and the institution of trusteeship itself are her guiding principles, values instilled in her as a child by her family. 

Good manners cost nothing.

Good manners and good grades combine well when it comes to being successful at work. In terms of work ethic and attitude, Janice is the epitome of quiet confidence and has a thirst for knowledge. With 14 years’ experience in the trust industry and a law degree from the University of London under her belt, Janice summarises her ambitions for the future as “intellectual enrichment”. Her short list for professional development includes obtaining a masters and embarking on a program of study with the International Compliance Association.

Colleagues say that one of the most important things Janice brings into work each day is her contagious sense of enthusiasm. She is also a committed team player and mentor, with exceptional communication skills. Janice admires Andrew de la Haye for his creative solutions and extraordinary general knowledge and cites Mitchell Tulloch’s accumulated wisdom on tax matters and genius with numbers as an inspiration.  


As someone who sees life as a series of adventures, Janice welcomes the joy and challenge of each day. Her free spirit moulds every experience into an expression of creativity and she has no hesitation in confessing her ultimate ambition is to swim with wild dolphins in the open ocean. It therefore comes as no surprise that her favourite places on earth are water-related -sunrise at her pool in Noto Antica, Sicily, and sunset at St Ouen Bay, Jersey.