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The first name in direct trust

Jeremy Mahoney is a Client Services Director for First Names Group in Guernsey.

Thriving on positive energy, he is equally quick to accept or assign tasks to his team. Jeremy genuinely enjoys his workday, which includes overseeing a Managed Trust Company on behalf of a Middle Eastern bank. His daily agenda requires analytical project driven level headedness and strong leadership capabilities – he adds a distinctive humour to this mix, which is appreciated by his clients and his colleagues alike.

What’s the best that could happen?

On leaving school, Jeremy gained valuable experience in a listed British high street retail chain. Having been put to the test on communication, problem solving, working under pressure and being a team player whilst showing initiative, he honed in on his people skills. Being a leader is eminently transferrable and precipitated a move to the finance industry. He qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1992 and has spent the last 25 years building a comprehensive knowledge of funds and trusts.

Working in a demanding environment, Jeremy relies on and seeks continually to improve processes to provide a high quality service together with his proactive and efficient team. He is full of praise for his co-workers who take great pride in providing an accurate and timely service to their clients. He particularly enjoys working with Toni Bridle because she always looks to ensure that client matters are correctly prioritised. He also likes working with Dave Preston for his enterprising approach to client matters, clear communication and consistent decisions.


Not one to sit on the fence, Jeremy’s first job meant that he spent 18 months working in Guernsey in a retail company. He loved it and returned to the island after marrying a Guernsey girl and they now have three children. Weekend island life suits him, especially in the summer months when he enjoys being in the sunshine with his family and his dogs. With a home on the beach and a penchant for DIY maintenance, he gets to breathe in plenty of ocean air.