Our first names


The first name in dynamic energy

Joanne McEnteggart is the Managing Director, Corporate and Institutional for First Names Group in Ireland.

A veritable livewire, Joanne cranks up the energy in an already fast-paced environment. With an adaptive communication style that resonates with clients and colleagues alike, she is able to quickly assess complex situations and suggest appropriate action. Drawing on over 20 years’ industry experience in structured finance, funds and real estate, she formulates bespoke solutions that delight clients and form the foundation for long-term relationships. Joanne uses this winning formula to expand the Group’s international client base.

True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day.

Hard pushed to choose between a career in finance or law, Joanne headed off to University College Dublin where she studied both. Having graduated with an honours degree in business and law, she decided her temperament and personality were better suited to the commercial world and trained with Ireland’s largest insurance company as an accountant. Early assignments at a Big Four auditing firm gave her invaluable exposure to debt securities and structured finance products – an interest and expertise she has retained to this day. Joanne is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Joanne has a highly developed ability to judge the emotional energy of a team – especially when the pressure is on – allowing her to maintain motivation and focus on delivery. She regards change as both a constant and an opportunity.


On weekends Joanne is as driven to achieve as she is during the working week – but these goals are personal.  A four-hour marathon, numerous cycling adventure races and most recently a running/cycling duathlon all testify to her determination and commitment. With a young family every bit as busy and outgoing as she is, it’s a wonder Joanne ever gets a moment to herself – when she does, it is invariably curled up with a good book.