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The first name in words of wisdom

As a Client Services Director for First Names Group in Jersey Ken Le Claire is highly skilled at managing and developing a large private client portfolio.

With a role that calls for sound judgement and attention to detail, attributes Ken has in abundance, he directs a diverse range of complex global structures. A good team leader, who willingly and patiently imparts the knowledge he has gained in over 30 years in global financial services. Ken’s commitment to his clients involves doing the best to exceed expectations and where possible ensuring that all paperwork is dealt with in a timely fashion. He keeps everyone in the loop.

Success is not something you have, it's something you do.

The trust industry was a great career choice for Ken – he rose to director level very quickly and even ran his own trust company for a few years. With a personal philosophy of continual improvement, he has an uncanny knack of finding the best possible business solutions. A natural progression included becoming an expert in property related work – the more intricate the real estate holding structure, the more he is able to make it sound quite simple.

A firm believer that we succeed by helping each other, Ken goes out of his way to be available for others when they need him. He loves working with everyone, but singles out Vanessa Ferreira on his team for her enthusiasm and positive attitude. He understands that creativity and change go hand in hand, but it all comes down to the successful implementation of ideas if they are to be of any use. Ken sets himself the task of achieving the impossible.


Ken loves travelling to far-flung places. Equally at home in Orlando or Dubai he soaks up the atmosphere with his wife and two teenage daughters. He would love to travel to even more destinations now that his children are a little bit older. Time out at home is spent listening to music, watching Liverpool FC, catching up with friends or taking care of the menagerie of family pets – a Weimaraner, a bearded dragon, an African Pigmy hedgehog and a tortoise.