Our first names


The first name in punctual delivery

Lisa Woodford is an Assistant Manager at First Names Group in Jersey.

Blessed with an unusual passion for paperwork, Lisa has 15 years’ experience in the trust and corporate world. Her ordered approach is invaluable when dealing with intricate structures for high net worth individuals – earning her well-deserved praise from satisfied clients. Lisa oversees a team of trust administrators, ensuring a consistently high quality of work is delivered.

It is never too late to be who you might have been.

Lisa realised early on that good business stemmed from great relationships and that understanding the essence of both would be key to a successful career.  An honours degree in psychology and business management from Aston University in Birmingham gave her an opportunity to study the way people thought and behaved in a commercial environment.  With early exposure to the fiduciary industry, she soon found her niche and specialised further with a Certificate in Offshore Administration.  Lisa is a fully qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Planners.

Understanding people’s motivations and helping them flourish are her prime drivers. A huge believer in clear communication, Lisa makes sure her team feels fully supported and encouraged. Structured and patient, she uses her natural curiosity to delve into issues with a methodical manner that brings clarity to the most complex challenge.  Lisa appreciates working with Janice Callander, who always provides constructive input and is very motivating. Adam Garwood is brilliant under pressure and very approachable. 


Lisa refuses to be pigeon holed! Her interests are as broad as her smile and she adapts happily no matter what the situation.  Five star dining in a swanky restaurant is every bit as enjoyable as a pot of moules et frites eaten on the beach. Having a toddler in the home meant switching personas from night owl to early bird – but she would not have it any other way.