Our first names


The first name in rapid response

Mark Creedon is a Trust Manager for First Names Group in Jersey. Mark brings a highly developed sense of awareness to his job as a trust manager in the private client department. He is open to the subtle nuances of client relationships, often hearing more than is said and seeing that which is unnoticed. Responding quickly to clients is his hallmark – delivering an exceptionally high level of service is his standard.

Only a surfer knows the feeling

After taking a year out to travel the world Mark settled down in Jersey to focus on his career. With a Certificate in Offshore Administration and a Diploma in International Trust Management under his belt he was ready to do what he enjoys most – helping clients solve their most pressing problems. He spent fifteen years at a global trust company before joining the Group in 2006 - he is very optimistic about being part of an exciting future.

Mark knows that First Names is the perfect fit for his aspirations of working with talented people doing great work for clients. He also knows how to have light-hearted fun within his close-knit team and appreciates working with Director Lorraine Wheeler who is usually his travelling partner.


If Mark hadn’t chosen a career in the trust industry he would have been a weather forecaster. All elements that impact on the unbroken wave fascinate him. An ardent surfer – sometimes being in the sea as early as 4am, Mark also enjoys paddle boarding. He has successfully competed in a number of competitions in both disciplines and plans to paddle board around Jersey this summer. He would love to meet the former surfing world champion ‘Occy’ to hear about his life at the top, bottom and then top again.