Our first names


The first name in working as a team

Matt Haynes joined First Names Group in Jersey in 2014 as the Group Business Development Director and plans to build on all the great work that has already been done. 

Matt spends as much face-to-face time as possible with his First Name colleagues because he believes that everyone has business development potential. His inside out approach also applies to the Group’s clients as he is determined to understand their personal requirements and business objectives so that he can connect with their needs. Matt focuses equal attention on all tasks to ensure that the company benefits from the collective efficiency of teamwork across all jurisdictions.

“Teamwork is about individual commitment to a group effort.”

Starting off in the logistics industry, Matt has always been focused on what clients need and want. He takes the time to get to know the business, finding exactly how to tackle each task. His entrepreneurial spirit makes him step up to the challenges that are put in front of him so that he can make smart decisions. Matt has an honours degree in geography and politics from Oxford Brookes University.

Fortunately, Matt has enjoyed access to mentors who took a personal interest in his development. He hopes to reciprocate this kindness in his own relationships and gets great satisfaction when his team are happy and motivated. He believes that Kevin O'Connell has excellent judgement and common sense. He is also inspired by Irene Morrison’s clear approach to problem solving and likes working with David Preston, who is very professional, open and honest.


Away from the frenetic atmosphere of the office, Matt appreciates the tranquillity and timelessness of the river Torridge where he fishes for sea trout – before retiring to the Half Moon pub in Sheepwash. A keen rugby supporter, he ventures up to Twickenham when England take the field if he is lucky enough to get a seat.