Our first names


The first name in co-creation

Morgan Jubb is Non-Executive Chairman of the First Names Group Board, providing support to the Group’s management team.

Morgan joined the business in 2012 and, before becoming Non-Executive Chairman, held the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman. During his tenure as Chief Executive Officer, Morgan put in place the building blocks that have seen the Group fast becoming synonymous with outstanding service in the trust and corporate market. He has been instrumental in embedding a corporate culture that invests in people first because he believes that if you get the right people, create the right culture and give them the right environment, you can only be successful.

He prides himself on his ability to take an objective view and always considers every angle before embarking on a course of action.  It is an ability that has stood him in good stead as he embarked on the first stage of a plan to add the strategic locations and expertise—through acquisitions and key senior hires—that he believes are essential for the Group to thrive rather than just survive. 

The words we use have a huge impact on the attitudes of others.

With a natural aptitude for numbers, it was no surprise when Morgan qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1995. An exceptional career in financial services followed, as did further study culminating in a Fellowship with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. Very much a self-starter, Morgan believes that average success is based on average goals, and he doesn't do average. His earlier successes reinforce a clear belief: there is no substitute for people and processes operating at full potential.

Morgan motivates people by stimulating their intellect as well as their emotions. His team fills him with confidence; in return, he gives them the support they need - together, they achieve the improbable. Morgan particularly enjoys working with Jennie Jewell, whose counsel and considered opinion he respects immensely.


Work-life balance is very important to Morgan. Like many South Africans, he enjoys nothing more than informal gatherings with family, friends, a BBQ and sunny skies. A keen scuba diver, he would love to travel the world with his wife and two daughters -€“ exploring and diving to his heart's content.