Our first names


The first name in optimism

Nigel McLellan is an Finance Business Partner for First Names Group in the Isle of Man.

Always delivering above and beyond client expectations, Nigel ensures his work is on time and on target. His interpersonal, analytical and numerical talents make him a highly valued member of the team. He knows that without change, life and business would lack colour and opportunity. Grabbing the initiative with both hands, Nigel works hard to harness its potential and directs it in innovative and practical ways.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

Nigel has an impressive list of qualifications, including a first class Honours Degree in Accounting, AAT and ACCA. And he has not stopped yet – his thirst for knowledge, experience and, indeed life, is relentless.

Teamwork is an essential part of any successful enterprise. The team spirit within the Group stretches beyond departments and regions. Nigel is proud to work with Antony Perez who is based in Jersey because he admires Antony’s high level of technical ability and experience, which he readily shares. Closer to home, Nigel enjoys working with Michael Cowin whose positive approach to change, supportiveness and sense of humour he values.


A New Zealander by birth, Nigel married an English girl (also an accountant and his biggest influence) and set up home in the Isle of Man. Living on a very big island, and now a very little one, he has always loved the sea - a self-described ocean lover and keen surfer. Out of the water, Nigel would love to complete a coast-to-coast motorcycle ride in the USA, go to Las Vegas and travel New Zealand in a Camper Van from top to bottom!