Our first names


The first name in drumming up business

Paul Spiering delivers excellent presentations – a priceless asset as Director of Client Services, Europe for First Names Group in Switzerland. Not only does he prepare and create meaningful content, he designs and delivers confidently. Since joining the Group in 2005, his corporate clients have enjoyed a great interactive results-driven experience. 

When you move with purpose, you collide with destiny.

Paul graduated in 2004 with a world-class Master of Business Administration from Bradford University School of Management together with NIMBAS, its sister business school in Utrecht. With over 27 years’ experience in the industry, Paul knows most answers to the many questions he is asked. But it’s the way he answers that makes everyone around him feel comfortable. After years of working with American multi-nationals, Paul has genuine self-trust and combines a welcoming personality with technical knowledge to earn respect.

On occasion, Paul has been known to walk to the beat of a different drum, but he is always completely in sync with his team. Never one to take anything for granted, he is a stickler for accuracy and takes a holistic view on any decision. Known for his negotiating skills, Paul is the perfect go-between for colleagues and clients. .


Many people would aspire to have the Beatles as their fantasy dinner guests, but only Paul would relegate Ringo to washing up duty so he could take his place behind the drums. Whether practising on his own or out on the town listening to new bands, he is dedicated to his passion for music. Even the family cat is named after rock legend Jimi Hendrix.