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The first name in precision

Petros Petrides is a Director of First Names Group in Cyprus.

Petros brings scientific flair and precision to everything he does. Confident and friendly, he advises people to be themselves "because everyone else is taken"€. He engages closely with his clients so that their real needs become clearer, ensuring he is well placed to offer assistance. Petros understands that he won'€™t always have the right answer on the spot -€“ but he is always committed to finding it and never lets his clients down.

Sometimes, all we need is a new perspective on an old problem.

Successful teams are more than the sum of their parts and Petros certainly brings something different to the business he joined in 2006. Born and bred in Cyprus, he was the kind of child who took toasters apart to understand how they worked - then expertly put them back together again. After finishing school he travelled to the United States in pursuit of knowledge and adventure.

In 2001, he graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer engineering from Rutgers University in New Jersey. Having mastered the world of IT, Petros proceeded to study matters more economic and joined Deloitte back home in Cyprus where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Petros knows that client expectations are now higher than ever. Always happy to leap in with both feet, he trusts in his training and experience to deliver the right result. He also knows he can rely on a top-notch team for support, and he particularly enjoys working with Constantinos Meivatzis who sets himself the same high standards.


Petros remains very fond of America -€“ the place, the food and the sports. New York is one of his favourite cities, with an energy and diversity to match his early memories of Athens during the Olympics. A very active individual, he enjoys windsurfing, playing tennis and basketball, but lists a lazy Monday at home after the Super Bowl as his guilty pleasure.