Our first names


The first name in versatility

Philippe van den Avenne is as much a people person as a numbers man. Always keen to learn, happy to help, and fit to lead a team, he is calmly competent in his role as Client Services Director of the Corporate Department for First Names Group in Luxembourg. Taking care of his clients’ needs, Philippe combines strong emotional intelligence with business acumen to form trusting relationships built on diplomacy and respect. He sits on the boards of many companies and will answer any question – no query is too big but at the same time no detail is too small. 

Dream your life and live your dreams.

With a passion for understanding the world in which he lives and a desire to find economic solutions, Philippe obtained a commercial engineering degree from the Université de Monsin Belgium. A postgraduate degree in audit, finance and chartered accounting laid the foundation to consolidate his skills as an auditor in Belgium for four years. International aspirations steered Philippe to the United States where he spent the next five years earning quick promotions. Before joining the Group in 2011, he gained a broader global perspective in a European finance director role in Paris, France.

Commuting from his home in Belgium to the office in Luxembourg, Philippe is comfortable in any environment and gets on with everybody. He connects and communicates with ease but it’s his thoughtfulness that really makes him stand out. Philippe appreciates life and values Oonagh Hayes’ positive attitude, saying that she is always willing to help others.


Philippe takes his job seriously but doesn’t take himself too seriously. He says that there are many ways to look at things and his amazing perspective filters through to his photography. One of the talented few selected to present his pictures at an exhibition; his photographs show that he has a fine eye for balance, beauty and bliss.