Our first names


The first name in methodical thinking

Robin McCauley is a Trust and Corporate Services Manager for First Names in the Isle of Man.

Seeing a plan or project come together gives Robin incredible job satisfaction. Creating the ideal structure to safeguard valuable assets tests his industry knowledge and experience, which is never found wanting. Since joining the Group as a Senior Administrator in 2010 he has worked in the Real Estate Structuring department dealing with asset managers, agents and lawyers.

Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process.

Exposure to many different nationalities whilst at University inspired Robin to find a career with a similar international flavour. He completed his STEP qualifications in 2008 having already graduated with a Masters Degree in Management from Lancaster University. In conjunction with his ongoing practical experience, Robin continues to study through the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Robin brings an incredibly positive attitude into the office every day and sees change as the source of new opportunities. Time spent on the road meeting clients has made a big impact on how he goes about his day – giving him a real sense of perspective in terms of client needs. He describes James Russell as his mentor and appreciates all the effort he has put into providing guidance, support and the occasional laugh.


Describing himself as neither an early bird nor a night owl, Robin likes his sleep – but that is all about to change as his first child is on the way! A young family may only briefly delay his sporting and travel ambitions as being out and about is very much in his personality. Robin counts New York as his favourite city and would very much like to see South America and Australia.