Our first names


The first name in straight talking

Sally Hynes is a Associate Director for First Names Group in the Isle of Man.

Sally'€™s attitude is "€œlet'€™s get on with it"€. And this approach proved to be a real benefit to the business she joined in 2006.

Managing all the activities of a key portfolio of clients, Sally sets great store by ensuring that everything runs like clockwork. The relationships she has built on a solid foundation of reliability have stood the test of time and she is excited about future prospects.

It'€™s not the hours you put in, but what you put into the hours.

Sally is fiercely loyal and quietly determined. She graduated from Bedford College in England before joining a leading financial management and advisory company in the Isle of Man, where she spent ten years gaining valuable insight through key client-facing roles. Adding to her extensive practical experience with further qualifications, she is also a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

An early riser, Sally can be found at her desk first thing every morning. By close of play she has managed an extensive workload - and expects no less from her team, who she holds in very high regard. There is a dynamic energy within the Group and Sally compliments Angela Herbert, who has a similar philosophy to her own: "€œshe just keeps churning out the work".


Sally loves the Isle of Man -€“ and could easily serve as a local tour guide with top tips on all the best restaurants. A competent cook specialising in perfect puddings, she is always open to new ideas and flavours.