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The first name in staying ahead of the risk curve

Steven Emmerson is the Associate Director of Compliance for First Names Group in Guernsey.

Starting with a deep understanding of the subject matter and a determination to answer every ‘why’ question, Steven makes risk everyone’s business. Today’s problems are usually fixed more efficiently than those of the past due to improved systems and record keeping. Analytically strong, Steven forms solid evidence-based decisions to lead, communicate and promote that compliance is fundamental to the business.

Don’t make assumptions, find the courage to ask.

Always circumspect about other’s feelings, but with a questioning mind, Steven is willing to ask why something does or doesn’t make sense. This clear thinking is why he had a successful career in investment management in London and Guernsey where he built his technical know-how up over 39 years. Joining the Group in 2003, Steven changed his focus to compliance, backing it with industry-specific qualifications including ICA (International Compliance Association) Diplomas in International Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering. The next step in furthering his expertise, an ICA Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention, is already on his radar.

Rigorous attention to detail gives Steven the gravitas he needs to challenge and assist colleagues on compliance matters. He knows that risk management is primarily a people process and working across all functional areas of the business, he takes the time to explain the concept of balancing growth with a tightly managed risk profile. Steven particularly likes working with Sharon McMillan because she is spirited and has a sense of proportion.


Steven’s motto is “learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Having once been a co-owner of a 1932 Talbot 75, he is looking forward to the day that he has an Austin Healey in his garage. He may need to wait until his two boys finish university, but in the meantime he enjoys gardening and has top tips for growing great tomatoes!