Our first names


The first name in doing the right thing

Susan Huelin is an Associate Director of Compliance at First Names Group in Jersey.

Getting things right and doing the right thing lie at the core of compliance. Susan brings a high level of professional impartiality to all her compliance dealings. Approachable and practical, she is a big fan of lists and is happiest with a target delivery date in her sights. Since joining the Group in 2014, Susan has embraced the challenge of ensuring the business is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

The time is always right to do what is right.

Holding firm to her belief that time is the most precious resource, Susan packs a surprising amount into any given day. Breaking complex challenges into more manageable parts, she gets things done with a creative flair and sense of fun. Susan enjoys working with John Godel who is calm and clever, keeping his head clear when most would duck for cover. She also appreciates the vibrant energy and expertise of Jen le Chevalier. 


For Susan, life is a beach – any beach. One summer she spent her vacation visiting every beach in Jersey, swimming at each one and following the sun through the day. Eating outside with friends and family is one of the simple pleasures of which memories are made. Susan is not one to sit still for long however – she has completed the Itex Walk and rowed from Sark to Jersey. Given a magic wand she would wave it over the Jersey Rugby Team in its bid to become champions – but supports the team vigorously even if it doesn’t.