Our first names


The first name in an optimistic outlook

Therese Savident is a Manager in the Guernsey Finance department of First Names Group. Organised and naturally numerate, Therese’s role is to prepare and produce all the monthly management accounts. She brings a lot to the table – managing multiple projects and strict deadlines, the more the pressure the more motivated she becomes. Therese really enjoys the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

Better to ask twice than lose your way once

Success is a result of perfection and persistence, hard work and loyalty: Therese has all these qualities and more. She joined the Group straight from school and has now clocked up over 31 years of service. In finance from the start, she has built up a huge wealth of knowledge about the business. Rock-solid when it comes to keeping all the financials in hand, Therese became a Manager of the team in July 2012. Not only is she calm and practical in a crisis, Therese also competently copes with change.

Therese always looks for and finds the best in people. She believes that Jacki James is a fantastic person to work with, as she is open and friendly with excellent technical abilities. Sandra Sebire and Lynn Christian are both part of her team and Therese salutes them saying that they all help each other, sharing the common need to always do a good job.


A mum of two, Therese is proud of her children’s determination and effort. In a case of apples not falling far from the tree, her daughter is studying accountancy. Not to be outdone, her soccer-crazy 15 year old son is representing Guernsey at the Gothia Cup, The World Youth Cup, in Sweden this summer. Therese clearly has a thing for islands – Mauritius and the Maldives are her favourite places on earth, but Guernsey is where her heart and home are.