Our first names


The first name in connecting the dots

Tim Gavey is a Client Services Director for First Names Group in Jersey.

With Seymour Trust for eight years until it became part of the Group in 2014, Tim was instrumental in its strategic development - focusing on client management while overseeing operations, facilities, compliance and human resources. Having worked with private clients for over 20 years, his trademark is that he is always prepared to go the extra mile in helping clients achieve their goals: it’s no surprise that in many cases they become friends.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Nothing is ever too hard for Tim. The secret of his success is that he can put any plan into action and make it happen. He likes to speak to people and keep them in the loop, which is why he has earned the trust of his clients and colleagues. Tim is a Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians, holding the Securities Institute Investment Advice Certificate. His knowledge and intelligence make him a real asset to First Names Group.

Great client service is the lifeblood of an organisation and Tim is the heart and soul. He loves his job because each day brings a new challenge – and because his colleagues are great people. He works particularly well with Andrew de la Haye, who he admires for his ability to grasp the nettle and deal with the difficult issues.


Having had the privilege of growing up in Jersey, Tim combines his love of the sea, boats and people as a member of the St. Helier Lifeboat crew, where he is on call around the clock. Besides devoting his time to being second coxswain, he loves fishing with hand lines or pulling up lobster pots with his Dad or ten year old son.