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Tom Hardman is a Client Services Director for First Names Group in Jersey.

Tom brings a natural charm, confidence and well-mannered grace to his role. He swiftly establishes a rapport with everyone he meets by trying to see the situation through their eyes. This helps him to find connections and puts everyone at ease. Since joining the Group in 2013, Tom manages two client portfolios, and is chairman of the First Names Group Investment Committee in Jersey.

Never reach out your hand unless you’re willing to extend your arm.

Tom’s attitude and ability combine in a potent package. Having gained a Masters degree in History from Edinburgh University he went on to qualify as a UK lawyer. Tom is an active member of STEP and currently sits on the Jersey committee. Prior to engaging in a challenge, Tom both looks and listens before he leaps - making sure that he understands all the issues from every perspective. And then he sees it through.

Tom is genuinely interested in the challenges his clients face and it shows. He thrives on working with different people and is delighted that this aspect is so fundamental to his role. He particularly enjoys bouncing ideas off Ben Newman because of his depth of knowledge and management skills and Jen Le Chevalier, determined to see matters through and fully committed to the spirit of teamwork.


Maintaining strong links to his Scottish heritage is important to Tom. Thrilled to be living in Jersey with his (Jersey) wife and young family, he considers the Highlands his favourite place on earth and is never happier than when fishing or walking in the great outdoors with his working Cocker Spaniel Fidget. Top of his priority list is to bag a fabled Macnab.