Our first names


The first name in problem-solving

Anton Rinderer is Managing Director of First Names Group in Switzerland. His friends and family call him Tony.

One of the longest-standing First Names, Tony has been an integral part of the business since 1996. He is a fellow of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants, and looks after the trust and corporate divisions of the Swiss business. He also sits on the board of a number of client companies.

Friendly and honest, Tony has a hands-on, flexible approach to overseeing his management team. His career in the Swiss fiduciary business extends over 30 years and this hard-earned experience helps him to empower his colleagues to operate efficiently and effectively.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Having spent many years as an auditor, Tony employs his analytical skills daily and takes great pleasure in tackling complex projects. His systematic approach to problem-solving coupled with a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of accounting theory makes him a highly valued business leader.

It’s the diversity of what he does that keeps Tony happy at work -€“ and, of course, the people. He loves Zurich and is proud of its long history as a leader in financial services.


Tony isn'€™t just a champion of the board room; he'€™s handy in the billiard room too. So much so that he once came second in the Swiss National Billiards Championships (although admittedly, that was some time ago!). He will happily turn his hand to both creative and practical projects; carving a pumpkin at Halloween for his two boys or getting stuck into some DIY are tasks he carries out with meticulous attention to detail.

An adventurer at heart, Tony likes to head for the hills on anything with two wheels -€“ and he would love to ride a motocross bike through the Argentine Pampas.