Private client

Services: Pension administration

We provide trustee services from our Guernsey office to internationally mobile individuals looking for effective methods of planning for retirement in whichever country they choose to live in and companies looking to enhance remuneration packages and assist employees with planning for retirement.

We administer the following corporate and personal pensions:

       /    International Pension Plans (IPPs)

      /     Employer Financed Unregistered Retirement Benefit Schemes (EFURBSs)

      /      Qualifying Non UK Pension Schemes (QNUPSs)

The IPP offers a flexible solution for internationally mobile employees especially when it comes to investment of the funds, member contributions and benefits.

EFURBSs are a valuable remuneration planning tool for employers.  With careful structuring, a ‘general’ fund to a group of employees, with no one member being specifically allocated any part of the fund, can provide advantages for tax deferral.

QNUPSs are available to UK and non-UK residents alike.  A wide scope of investments can be held, to suit the investment outlook of individual members. UK and overseas residential and commercial property investments are permitted. It is possible for the member to have a measure of control over the investments. A tax free lump sum is available on retirement of a percentage of the fund.

In all circumstances tax advice should be sought to ensure the appropriate scheme is chosen for each member.