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The first name in Positive thinking

Andrea Ehrbar is the Senior Trust Officer for First Names Group in Switzerland.

Since joining the business in 2010, her bubbly personality and technical expertise have made her a firm favourite with colleagues and clients alike. She believes teamwork is the lifeblood of any organisation and knows it's vital to interact closely with her fellow professionals.

Andrea is very proud of the relationships she has developed with her clients over the years - and her dedication is matched by their loyalty. The best bit about her job is the role she plays in helping them to achieve peace of mind; preparing for their future so they can enjoy the present gives her immense personal satisfaction.

Our clients want to grow with us; they trust us and we trust them.

Similar to many of the senior leadership team, Andrea has an enviable mix of theoretical and entrepreneurial skills. A Masters in Law from Zurich University together with a STEP Diploma in International Trust Management were put to very good use when she established a privately-owned family office in Bermuda.

Andrea keeps a sharp eye on industry tips and trends, and having the answers to questions before they are even asked has made her a leader in her field. A flair for modern languages -€“ she is fluent in English, French and German - also comes in handy in the world of finance.

Creating a consistent client experience across multiple jurisdictions is an objective Andrea really relates to. She is also the yin to her colleague, Yann Crozat. As an accountant, Yann finds numbers easy and the law a challenge -€“ Andrea is the exact opposite. Together, they make an unbeatable team based on mutual respect and shared learning.


Andrea is an early bird, which is just as well when you consider what she packs into her day. She is always on the go, and as a certified scuba diver and enthusiastic mountain hiker, this über-energetic lady shows no signs of slowing down. (Although she just might, if she took the time out for her perfect holiday: relaxing on a beach in the Maldives...)