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The first name in framing process

Anita Robert is a Senior Manager of Operations and deals with all the departments within First Names Group in Guernsey.

To know her is to like her – and Anita loves being able to help and support her colleagues. Assisting with the set up of processes and procedures, Anita is a stickler for the rules. She also handles business continuity, facilities and premises management. On top of this Anita manages the company secretarial department and is involved in FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) for the Guernsey office.

Seize the day.

Having been in the trust industry for over 28 years, Anita draws on her considerable experience to shape her proactive behaviour. She joined the Group in 1999, having already worked in a leading Channel Island trust company since finishing school. Her role as a senior administrator proved that she had the right intellect, the right determination and the right chemistry to get any job done. Showing promise with a thorough approach and a belief that limits to success are self-imposed, she performed well beyond expectations. To her everlasting credit she has a deep demonstrable understanding of the business.

Enthusiastic and direct, Anita’s motto is that you only live once and she doesn’t like to put off until tomorrow what she can do to today producing simple, clear processes, which are easy to understand. Sharon McMillan, who is friendly and approachable, has been a major mentor in Anita’s career. She offers a fresh take on established practices and Anita has learnt much from her over the years.


Weekends are Anita’s family time and they fly by because her large extended family all live in Guernsey. Although she may sneak a few quiet moments to potter in her garden, her mind is seldom still. With a penchant for home renovation and interior decorating, she constantly has a picture in her head. It is no wonder then that her favourite place in the world is her home, with her four boys: her husband Lee, her two teenage sons and Sonny, the Labrador.