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The first name in great aim

Chris Ryan is a Senior Manager in the Client Accounting Team of First Names Group in Jersey.

Always delighted to support people, Chris motivates and helps his team of accountants to manage their clients’ daily accounting activities. He works hard to get every single little detail right so that his colleagues and clients trust him to find the best solutions. Since joining the Group in 2008, he has developed his leadership skills proving that he is dependable and professional.

Every transition is an opportunity for growth.

Inspired by his chartered accountant father’s work ethic at an early age, Chris was positively disposed towards a career in finance. Appreciating the role that systems and processes would play in the future, he attended Plymouth University where he graduated with a degree in technology (mechanical engineering). Chris went on to complete his Association of Chartered Certified Accountants’ qualification and has recently completed his diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards. His interest in financial markets led him to complete an advanced paper in Investment Schemes Administration from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

Increasingly aware that every day is an opportunity to become more knowledgeable, Chris recently attended an internal ‘Leading Edge Management Programme’. The ability to contribute beyond your technical speciality is something that really appeals to him. Stuart Truscott exemplifies this characteristic – he is an inspiring leader whose reliability can be counted on no matter what the circumstances. Chris also enjoys working with Jo Burchell whose positive attitude and experience is more than a match for any challenge.


Chris is very much an analyst. The laws of cause and effect apply as much in his social sporting life as they do at work. Long range rifle shooting and golf depend on the clear analysis of influencing factors in order to hit a target. The secret in both sports is having the confidence in your abilities and being able to relax.