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The first name in Good manners

Constantinos Meivatzis is Deputy Managing Director for First Names Group in Cyprus.

Always on the lookout for new business opportunities, Constantinos takes great interest in how the First Names Group brand is perceived in the market. An intelligent and enthusiastic person, he finds the silver lining in every cloud - and he treats every workday as an opportunity to excel.

Overcoming barriers to success is how groups become teams.

His first job as a young boy was in the family construction business, where he strengthened his mental resolve to work hard and work smart. After completing a degree in Accounting and Finance from Southampton University Constantinos returned home to Cyprus. He joined Deloitte and trained as a Chartered Accountant before gaining valuable corporate experience in the finance department of a global pharmaceutical giant. He joined the Cyprus team in 2006.

Constantinos believes strongly that people can achieve anything they put their mind to -€“ and he is never happier than when helping others attain their goals. He has a personal aspiration to continue his professional development with a Masters in Corporate Law.

Every time Constantinos deals with a client, he accepts the responsibility of making sure they are given more than they expect. The same philosophy is followed by his co-director Petros Petrides, who always works with a real sense of urgency in response to client requests.

A great admirer of efficient design, he is working hard towards making First Names Group run like a Swiss timepiece - with all the parts running in seamless harmony.


A family man with his feet firmly on the ground, Constantinos would like to reach for the stars -€“ more specifically, he would love to see what the earth looks like from the moon!

A proud father, weekends tend to revolve around his two children. And that'€™s just the way he likes it.