Our first names


The first name in client support

As a Director for the Private Client department of First Names Group in Luxembourg, Dawn Shand focuses on daily management, company domiciliation, and trust administration with noteworthy competence. Also responsible for clients based in Malta and the British Virgin Islands, Dawn is both respectful and respected, bringing a sunny disposition and serenity to proceedings to get things done right first time.

Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.

Her career is a success story where the analogy of baking a perfect pie comes to mind. The ingredients that she has used in more than thirty years of experience are passion, purpose, leadership, teamwork and lattice work, similar to the lattice on a pie. Instead of concentrating on the ladder to get to the top of her game she took many horizontal opportunities broadening her base and knowledge. A business studies and accounting background and knowing every detail of the business means that Dawn can conquer any challenge, always pushing herself beyond her comfort zone. Dawn is authorised by the Luxembourg Financial Services Authority as a professional of the financial services sector.

The teams working with Dawn have loyally operated together for many years and vouch that she is open and honest, accepting that no two people necessarily have the same opinions. She listens to what other people have to say whilst keeping her own integrity intact. Having worked with Simon Baker for over thirty years, Dawn has a great rapport with him. He invariably has a unique perspective on client matters resolving problems diplomatically. Corinne Néré’s team spirit and humorous approach makes everyone feel upbeat.


Change is always good as long as you embrace it creatively. Dawn has successfully relocated to a different continent, living one day at a time, making the most of every single one. Perhaps this is why she consistently exudes calm composure whether she is playing the piano or the saxophone, sewing, creating ‘bling’ brow bands with Swarovski crystals or riding her horse.