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Thoughtful and pragmatic, Filip Kobylkiewicz works in our corporate and institutional services team in Luxembourg as a Legal and Compliance Officer. There he negotiates regulatory and commercial requirements with a measured approach, and he never stops until he finds the very best solutions.

If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems. And that's a mistake.

Before joining First Names Group, Filip worked at a leading corporate governance and proxy advisory firm, where he learned about designing business in a sound and intelligent way. Fillip has a legal background in both civil and common law and won the prize for the top result in the Equity and Trust entrance exam to the Law Society of Ireland.

Filip thrives on overcoming challenges and enjoys operating outside his comfort zone. Of his colleagues, Filip is particularly appreciative of Andrej Grossmann who always provides constructive criticism.


Originally from Poland, Filip lived in Ireland before moving to Luxembourg. His parents’ work ethic has driven him professionally, while his choice of career was, he says, influenced by high expectations mixed with serendipity.  Filip describes himself as a realist and an idealist rolled into one, and one day he’d like to write a novel.