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The first name in integrity

Karen Duffy is  Director, Group Risk for First Names Group.

 Having joined First Names Group in January 2013, Karen brings nearly 20 years of compliance and risk experience to the Group Risk team. She is now responsible for the day-to-day running of this team and for the Group’s entire risk management framework. Karen enjoys the challenges that come with the Group’s broad diversity of locations and cultures.

If you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.

Always imbued with a strong sense of right and wrong, Karen’s career path started at university in Ireland, graduating with a BA in Law and Accounting. Having given herself six months to find employment in the Isle of Man, she quickly found her niche in the area of compliance. Starting out as a technical service administrator, Karen has diligently worked her way through the ranks whilst maintaining her inimitable brand of humour and fair-mindedness.

Having a strong curiosity, Karen is tireless in seeking out solutions. Employing a systematic approach in her quest for quality, she checks and rechecks for accuracy. She loves the fact that Tina Corteen laughs at all her jokes - even the rubbish ones.


A good life balance stems from a supportive partner. Karen’s partner applauds her in every endeavour – from acting classes to éclair making. Thanks to their grandson, Karen has been a Horse Tram Season Ticket holder for the past five years. Downtime from work includes singing in a choir, training for her next half marathon and vegetable growing. If she could invite anyone for dinner it would be Katharine Hepburn, whom she has always admired for her indomitable spirit.